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The no-bullshit boutique agency

That’s a lot of words in front of “agency”!

But what it really means is, we take pride in our work and thrive to create as much value as possible for our carefully curated client portfolio. We value efficiency, honesty and believe in human-to-human and tailor-made solutions. Because we’re all different, our business needs and goals are different, our market maturity, processes and marketing approaches are different. There’s no one-size-fits-all.

We know this. We get you.

What we don’t do

We don’t do anything that we are not 100% comfortable with, either professionally or ethically. There’s no jack of all trades attitude here, we focus on areas of marketing we are total badasses in. Or outstanding experts if you prefer the more traditional description.

If we agree to do it, you know we will give our absolute best and will do so with a freaky big smile on our faces.

What we do

We create value.

As an agency our goal simply cannot be anything other than creating more value for our clients than what we cost them. We are passionate about what we do, we love a good facebook lead campaign, a shockingly handsome email sales funnel or a mouth-wateringly smooth and effective marketing automation system just humming about, doing stuff on its own.

Spent in campaigns
Countries conquered
Clients over the years
No more than this many clients at any given time – we boutique

Who we worked with

These are some really smart people, trust them trusting us


Key areas of our expertise:

Strategic consulting

This is where it all starts. A good base is the key to your business’ success. You know what they say about fitness being 70% diet and 30% training? Pretty much the same story here, strategy being the 70%, execution the 30%.

Marketing planning

You got a solid base? Time to break that down into actual activities, campaigns, channels and promotions. In our era’s plethora of possibilities this can be quite overwhelming. Let us lend you a hand.

Online campaigns

You name it, we do it: Meta (maiden name: Facebook), Google, Tiktok, Linkedin ads (or PPC campaigns as per the industry lingo)

Email marketing

With over 1500 successful email campaigns conducted for our clients we are confident when we say it: We are experts in this field.

Marketing automations

Work less, earn more. It’s really as simple as that. Automating your marketing and sales processes is no longer a fancy nice-to-have. It’s a necessity.


endorsement is always better than self-promotion

We’ve been working together with Marcell and his team for 5 years now. His professional knowledge and innovative ideas provided solutions that far exceeded other marketing channels on the ROI level. Convinced by the results our international headquater also started working with him and his team recently. We love to work with them because they are kowledgable, precise and have an all-around positive and constructive attitude towards the cooperation.

Helga Bonafert

General Manager at Fyrklövern Hungary

Marcell Huszár and the digital and creative teams he has managed have been pivotal in helping our young CPG brand braking into the crowded U.S. market. Whenever you look for a helping hand in digital, creative, or e-commerce for your brand, Marcell is the one that has the skills and experience.

Paweł Szczęsny

Co-Founder at Nature’s Juice Bars

Marcell and his team has it all, that digital marketing needs: expertise, creativity and commitment. They understand and see through strategy and business processes so they can utilize their online marketing toolset where it matters most: be it lead generation, conversion optimization or supporting the sales department in closing deals.

Peter Hari

Founder and President of CX-Ray

They are the best.

Our Mothers (most probably)

Proud Parent

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No, this will not be a sales pitch. We don’t even have sales people.
Marcell Huszar

Marcell Huszar

Founder and Owner of ViSioN marketing

I will personally attend our online session and will make sure you’ll leave it more confident, more informed or at the very least with a few questions answered. Why do I do this? Because I’m against the knowledge gatekeeping that has become the industry standard with all fibers or my being. Let’s lift each other up. This is the way.

I usually charge 200 EUR / hour for consultancy sessions, but this one is for free – don’t miss it!

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